IBLT's Island Revolution

IBLT’s Island Revolution : Esports X Ground The tournament will be held in Jan 2024 in North & Middle Andaman.

Esports X Ground will be a Round Robin tournament where participants will have to join and compete in Multiple genres of games which includes both Esports and Sports.

The Winning team will be decided upon the points they have earned after competing in all genres and the point system varies for every game. A team cannot exceed more than 15 members and points earned by Individual players of a team will be added to their team score.

If you are looking to compete in Single player games alone, it’s possible however, if you lose once you will be eliminated immediately unless recruited by another qualifying team. If you remain undefeated till the end you will win the particular Title and Prize for the game you remained undefeated for.


Below are the genres of games which the participants will compete in:

Esports – Rocket League PC, Tekken 7 PC & BGMI

Sports outdoor: Kabaddi, Volleyball & Cricket (Deuce Ball).

Indoor – Badminton, Carrom & Chess

Registration Fee Per Player – 1000 INR

For Registration send us an email – kingmakerjai@Indianbulletsesports.com

This Tournament is exclusively for Island Residents and you will need an ID proof that you are a resident of this Island ( Islander Card, Local Certificate, Aadhar or attested letter from your School or Village Panchayat office.

Free entry through Online Qualifier Custom scrims

( Only for Esports Games). Schedule for Online Qualifier Scrims will be released on 1st Nov 2023.

More details about the tournament’s Schedule, terms & Conditions, Point systems etc. will be provided only post registration.

Players with Direct Invitations from IBLT Committee do not need to register online or attend Qualifier Scrims.

PRIZE POOL - 1,00,000


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